Siddy by Fama Project

"For over a year, above ergonomic concepts, we have observed the usage habits of almost fifty users, people from 155 cm in height to 195 cm, with weights from 47 to 110 kilos. We have registered and analysed all their comments, and we have collected their complaints and needs.".


Many armchair arms are too long and touch the table when lifted to the same height. This causes in some cases that the user cannot approach the table as much as he would like.

We designed shorter arms with a downward inclination, which allowed the approach to the table, as well as favouring a 90 degrees position of the arm.


An action that was repeated regularly by users of high-back chairs was to “palpate” their shoulder and make circular arm movements, trying to relieve the muscles of that area.

We created a narrow backrest that only covers the spine, leaving the two sides of the back in the air.


Users find it difficult to maintain the same (correct) position throughout the day, they need to change it very often, (sometimes crossing the legs, sometimes placing their leg between the seat and the body, leaning forward, backwards...)

All persons shorter than 175 cm tend to place their feet on the radius of the chair swivel leg. This gesture was performed involuntarily, seeking a change of position and greater rest of the legs. In users of short stature, it often happened that when trying to adjust the height of the chair to have a comfortable position with respect to the surface of the table, the feet did not reach the floor correctly.

Although many users have an inclined footrest (of those usually used in offices), most of them only use it during short periods of time. In many cases it is uncomfortable because it collides with the wheels of the chair and tends to drive the user out.

We have designed a retractable footrest that, when attached to the chair, prevents us from moving from the table. The tray can rotate left or right, allowing us to support both feet, or alternate them. This favours the posibility of changing position without affecting the verticality of the column, and avoids incorrect postures.


Except for some cases, most office chairs are formed by two different bodies for seat and backrest, creating a right angle between them. It is not usually taken into account that the actual shape of our body in this area is curved.

We propose the need to design a curved backrest that extends to the level of the lumbar area, trying to receive and hold the user. The difficulty of this objective was maximum since it was necessary to design an armchair that could serve both for extremely thin people and also for large size people.

The problem of the gap between seat and back was solved with the design of a continuous curved piece between seat and backrestThis way, apart from offering a great comfort, we would also offer a greater feeling of support, and a third aspect noted in the starting determining factors, the possibility of keeping and upright position avoiding incorrect and harmful positions.

Noise Pollution

Once the ergonomic aspects were resolved, a new condition arose: creating an office chair designed for the new trend of open spaces. This type of offices have many advantages over compartmentalised offices, but also have some problems. Perhaps the most important one has to do with the ambient noise, or the disputes over which radio or ambient music to hear during the day (what pleases some, annoys others).

Thanks to the French company New’ee, we got the necessary technological development to solve this problem. Siddy chair offers the option of including a new speakers system that transmits the sound by vibration, so that the user of each chair can be listening to their favourite music, or even a telephone conversation, and this sound will not be heard in a radius higher than 60 or 70 cm; also permits the user not getting completely isolated, as would happen with the use of headphones.

Cheerful fabrics

The last aspect is the use of fabrics other than those commonly used in offices. We carried out a study about open, new generation offices, prepared for teamwork and open communication between users, and we found many with an impressive colour, with designs of spectacular spaces, but with the usual black or gray chairs, in technical fabrics not pleasing to the eye.

For the Siddy armchair we have used fabrics more pleasant to the touch, with enough quality for a daily use in offices, but above all, that allow the use of a cheerful, lively and special colour.

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